15 Popular Bathroom Colors 2018

Popular bathroom colors update a space without breaking the bank. Make sure that you use trendy colors on items that you can change out instead of investing in a black toilet that will easily look dated. Bathroom decor colors can modernize the space. Pastel colors are subtle and will keep the room feeling airy. A

30 Best Bathroom Colors 2018

The best bathroom colors create the mood you want in your space. If you are asking yourself “What color bathroom do I need?” beware of designer magazines. These bathrooms often have huge windows with lots of light and bathrooms bigger than most apartments. This means the rooms can handle more intense color while it will

26 Tiled Shower Designs Trends 2018

If you are one of the few people who wants their bathroom to look as sophisticated as they would want, then tiled shower designs might work for you. These are tiles that are designed in such a way that elegance radiates from its surface. Now before you question why it is important to have the

15 Bathroom Color Scheme Trends 2017

When choosing a bathroom color scheme you’ll need to decide what stays and what goes. Sure you can transform dated vinyl flooring with large bathroom rugs but what are you going to do about the avocado green bathtub? Consider having a glazier come in. They can work on the tile and possibly even the bathtub

Top 25+ Bathroom Wall Colors Ideas 2017 – 2018

Bathroom wall colors transform your space by simply using paint. You may not have a lot of bathroom wall space because of tile. Tuscan style was popular a few years ago and has become outdated in every area except for the bathroom. The elegant theme and rich wood tones paired with natural stone is a

25 Best Bathroom Tile Color 2018

Bathroom tile color is one of the most expensive color choices that you’ll make in your house. It should flow with the rest of your home while expressing your personality. A black and white bathroom can have a vintage air. Make it modern with mosaic tile with shades of gray. For a true vintage feel

Guide to Antique White Vanities

An antique white vanity has a lot of advantages. It’s neutral, but still has a sense of character. You can use an antique piece for this kind of look or just change your existing vanity to have a vintage appeal. Here are a few tips for getting an antique white vanity. Go for the look
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