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Top 10 Paint Color Matching for Your Home

Paint color matching allows you to get the exact color that you want. You can do this by hand if you have a keen eye or have your paint store professional scan an item into a computer. The commercials for free matching systems often show couples bringing in a baby blanket or a teen with

Bedroom Colour Schemes with Oak Furniture Color

The color of the materials that you use in your home can drive the price up. Use richer colors on the wall if you can’t afford high end appliances because paint all costs the same amount. An oak furniture color is going to be much less expensive than a mahogany wood color. Instead paint or

25+ Best Living Room Color Scheme 2018

A living room color scheme can have a story behind it. This is a way that you can break the ice with your visitors because you’ll instantly have a story to tell. Base a room around your favorite toffee or caramel colors. If you want to tell the story you can, but if your in-laws

20 Modern Living Room Color Paint 2018

Living room color paint can be the focal point of the area. This is important if you have neutral furniture or your living space doesn’t have elaborate molding or a fireplace. The color can be the star. If you’re single, show it off with a coral living room. It may be the only time you

30 Best Living Room Color Ideas 2018

Living room color ideas can impress your guests since the living room is the first thing they’ll see. Turn your home into a getaway with the Tuscan colors of red and terra-cotta. The key to making this color palette work is to bring in natural elements. Install French doors for more natural sunlight so the

30+ Granite Countertop Colors Inspiring Pictures HD

Granite countertop colors add an air of luxury or pattern to your kitchen. There are literally thousands of colors of granite. The specific slab that you get may look slightly different than the small sample you were shown. Granite is a big monetary investment so you want to pick out a color that you can

Best 20 Desk Color for Your Home Office

A desk color may be your only shot at decorating an office. Your room may have just recently been painted or you want walls that aren’t too in your face. You might even be prohibited from fixing up your space in an office building or apartment. The office furniture is your chance to show off

Interior Color Scheme for Living Room

An interior color scheme can use inspiration from everyday food items. Yellow and white isn’t just the color combination of an egg it can also work in your home. Look for a more luxurious butter yellow and an ivory wall color to break up the egg stigma and create an air of luxury. These colors

Best 20 Coordinating Paint Colors Ideas for Your Home

Coordinating paint colors make your room feel decorated. It’s possible to use the furniture, carpet and materials you already have but change up the room with paint. Paint can be used on the walls, chandeliers, wood floors, furniture pieces and to add accents to fabric. Some people suggest that you can also paint laminate countertops

Top 10 Room Color Scheme 2017

A room color scheme needs to combine those materials you already have with the colors you want. When decorating with neutrals go big or go home. An all beige living room can seem like you didn’t put much thought into it. Panel the walls or add a chair rail in a crisp white for an
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