How to Decorate with Leather Furniture

Leather furniture can add a lot of character to your room. You can work with all different kinds of design styles from a typical bachelor pad all the way up to the penthouse. It’s a lasting and enduring style. However, it can also be a little bit overwhelming and masculine. Follow these tips to decorate

21 Best Ceramic Tile Patterns for Floors

Ceramic tiles have come a long way. Earlier, ceramic tile patterns meant the standard square tiles. Fast forward now, ceramic tile patterns are complex, creative and available in almost every color or shade out there. There are various pattern styles available and it is also possible to cut the ceramic tile in any shape you

Top Ten Home Decor Colors 2018

Home decor colors can transform the way you live in your space. If you live in a condo or townhouse your neighbors probably peer inside when they pop by to see who has the one up on decorating rooms that are all the same. Add character to your house with color. It can transform the

20+ Interior Design Color Scheme Trends 2018

An interior design color scheme needs to have balance. Neutral colors need more life and bolder colors should be toned down. Sometimes it’s best to let one bold color stand out on its own. Curtains, even of the neutral variety, may have too much contrast for a darker wall color. The focus isn’t on the

33 Best Color Decorating Ideas House Painting Images

Color decorating ideas can be inspired by two seemingly unrelated colors. Blue and green can be an exciting or natural color palette. Think of the colors of sea glass for mosaic tile for a muted master bath that still uses several colors. Pair it with taupe for an unusual color scheme that will still read

25 Blue Color Scheme Trends 2018

A blue color scheme can be soothing or vibrant depending on the shade you use. Blue can be traditional or funky and it’s a good way to decorate a beach house, a casual room, or even a city loft. A navy blue color can be an accent or an entire wall. Since it’s a dark

Using White Wallpaper in Home Decor

You might wonder why you need to use white wallpaper. After all you can just paint your walls right? When you are working with a very light and neutral color palette you really need to make your statement. Oftentimes this theme relies heavily texture. This is so important simply because you want to have something

How to Decorate with a Pine TV Stand

A pine TV stand can really add a lot of character to your room. This is one of the least expensive natural woods out there, but it can still be quite durable. You can make it work within your design style and it will have a lot more warmth and character then just going with

Tips for Decorating with a Rose Comforter

A rose comforter can really add a lot of personality to a room. It doesn’t have to be too frilly. Your husband might be fighting with you because he thinks it is too feminine. However, you can strike a compromise to both get exactly what you want. Here are a few decorating ideas for tying

Tips for Polka Dot Decor

Polka dot decor can be a fun addition to any room. It can work from a home office to a nursery. Here are a few tips for decorating with this kind of home decor. Branch out. Polka dot court can even be sophisticated. It just depends on how you style it. You could even add
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