Living Room

20+ Trends Color for Living Rooms 2017

When choosing color for living rooms go with your favorites. It’s the space where you actually want to live, right? There is no right and wrong in decorating as long as you create a space that you love. This might mean that you end up with a mauve and periwinkle room. The key is to

Elegant Look in Small Living Room Design

Small living room design should be noted if you do not want this space look tight and unfavorable. When you invite some people at home, you can entertain them in the living area. Don’t make them feel uncomfortable sitting in a cramped space. When you open the door in your house, ensure that you can

20+ Best Living Room Furniture Arrangement 2018

In this article we will focus the discussion around the theme of living room furniture arrangement. It happens very often to consider the furnishings of your own monotonous house. This happens when the monotony gets the upper hand. When you have little time and few money, the idea of renovating home can look like a

30+ Proper Living Room Lighting Suitable for Your Home

Living room plays the crucial part of the house, because it is usually used as a family gathered spot; that is why we need to consider detail arrangement in decorating the living room. One of the main topics that need to be the focus in creating living room arrangement is the proper living room lighting

14 Redesigning Your Living Room

Sometimes there are times that you want to make a new improvement on your living room, having similar atmosphere for a long period of course will no longer support the mood of your family. Remodeling your living room by adding an improvement such as redesigning furniture’s and interior is one of the solutions in remodeling
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