Using White Wallpaper in Home Decor

You might wonder why you need to use white wallpaper. After all you can just paint your walls right? When you are working with a very light and neutral color palette you really need to make your statement. Oftentimes this theme relies heavily texture. This is so important simply because you want to have something very interesting about your space. The easiest and most powerful way to decorate is with color so when you don’t use this you’re really going to have to make up for it in the rest of your room.

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You don’t just have to use this on the walls. You can find a very antique looking anaglypta wallpaper which has a lot of texture to it. The really great thing about this is that you can try a distressing effect with your paint. This will really make it look aged. In fact it can even be used as a less expensive alternative to copper or tin tiles. You could use this on a small portion of your ceiling and then frame it out to add a lot of beautiful details. This would almost look like a supersized version of a ceiling medallion from which a chandelier can hang. This can really add a lot of wow factor to your room. Of course, you can also use it on your walls. This is so important just because it really lends a vintage air to white wallpaper. Oftentimes this kind of paper can seem very modern. While modern style really has its place it can also become outdated quickly but this more vintage style has more of a traditional feeling to it. This will really mean that you won’t have to deal with taking out your wallpaper in a few years which can be a real pain.

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You can also put this in with the modern design style. You can really have a lot of fun by bringing in different natural elements. The secret to decorating with a modern style is just to really change up the color palette and focus on the overall shape and texture instead of the color. For instance, you might be able to find a wallpaper that has very large birch trees on it. The great thing about this is that it’s a very graphic looking tree. You’ll just want to use this on one wall and it might even go behind your bed. This way you can be sure that you get a quality paper as well as a quality application. Plus, it will really highlight a lower platform bed. You can then just feel the rest of your room with black furniture and paint the rest of your walls white. This will really tie in all the different whites, blacks and grays that you might have going on in your space.

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You can really play around with a lot of different colors with white accents. For instance people are probably pretty used to seeing plain white walls with simple flower wallpaper on them. Instead, you can mix this up by doing the exact reverse. For instance you might often see a white wallpaper with purple flowers. You could go with a purple wallpaper with white flowers. This will really make everything pop and can seem quite contemporary and new. This is also a fun way to bring in this kind of natural element to a kid’s room or teenagers room. Often this wallpaper can seem a little bit stuffy. However, when you just do the reverse of what people are used to seeing it really makes things a little bit more daring. At the same time it really allows you to focus on the beautiful sculptural shapes of flowers and vines.

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Another element that you can really have a lot a fun with is simply going with writing. Of course you could always stencil words on your wall or use wall words. However, it would really take a lot of patience do this en mass. Plus tons of wall words could be quite expensive. One disadvantage to a writing wallpaper is that the poem or passage isn’t significant. Of course that you will have to use whatever words are available to you. You’ll probably want to go with entire sheets of it instead of just a border. This will look a lot more modern because these kind of faded parchment looks were quite popular in borders a few years ago. You don’t want to put up a border that will already look dated.

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The script and font really play into this kind of feeling as well. A cursive script will seem very traditional, formal and even French in feeling. If you want more of a graphic element then go with very oversized block letters so that will really make a statement.

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