10 Tips for Buying a Sewing Machine

To buy a sewing machine, you have to evaluate many factors well. The expense could be hurried and we could also find an object with poor quality in our hands. Certainly those who had the grandmothers in the room were really beautiful, and some now have also bought considerably value, but we look for a sewing machine that helps us in the work of tailoring and not a furnishing item. With this list we will see 10 tips to buy a sewing machine that really makes it our case.

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1. Evaluate why we want to buy a sewing machine

The first question is this. If we want to buy the car only for small edges to the trousers, perhaps it is better a device without many demands. The cost lowers considerably if we take into account what we want to do after the purchase. If we also want to do embroidery work, then we have to spend much more, and then have a professional machine in hand.

2. Ask for advice to those who already have it

If our mom, friend, neighbour already has one she frequently uses, it is advisable to ask her for advice. The moment we decided what kind of sewing machine we want to buy, we also evaluate the idea of having these people with us at the time of purchase. So let us advise from those who have already passed.

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3. Evaluating the characteristics of the device

Some features are fundamental, including the one that the machine is tough and sturdy. We do not want a tool that then after three or four months deteriorates like nothing. We exploit the internet and the forums to assess which are the best sewing machines on the market, those with the best value for money.

singer heavy duty sewing machine interiordecoratingcolors with regard to buy a sewing machine 10 Tips for Buying a Sewing Machine

4. Ensure that it has the desired functions

Our sewing machine must necessarily make the 2 basic points, linear and zig-zag, and these must absolutely be adjustable in length. In this way already with these characteristics we can sew what we want, without too much difficulty. The automatic wire winder is also a value added to our machine.

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5. Know which features are not essential

Some functions can be nice to take into account, but all in all absolutely superfluous. For example the embroidery stitch, which is nice and we could use it on the children’s clothing, but are we sure we want to use this type of seam? Is it right to spend a lot of extra money and then use half of the available functions?

6. Calculate the right spending for our needs

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With the previous council we connect to this. Because to buy a sewing machine right for us, we also have to assess the economic spending factor. In the market there are many who do the minimum indispensable spending reasonable figures. Especially if you are novice with sewing machines, it is a good advice to buy machines that are easy to use, then maybe if you become practical then you can face a bigger expense.

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7. Deciding whether to buy an electronic or mechanical machine

This factor also weighs, both on economic spending and on the use we want to make. Who sews for a long time will tell us that with that electronics the work to be done is little and therefore with little satisfaction, while the mechanical one definitely needs a greater commitment on our part.

8. Deciding whether to buy on line or at specialty stores

It is obvious that the offers from big supermarket make everyone’s throat, as well as those of the various shops on line, but do not let us fascinate by competitive prices and we always evaluate the relationship quality price. Also if we buy to the official dealer, you can take advantage of a better guarantee, even with spare parts subject to deterioration. Mathan even if the warranty is no longer in place, from an official dealer it is easier to find pieces of sewing machines a little ‘ dated.

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9. Choose the place that will occupy the sewing machine

Well we decided which machine to buy and how much to spend, how we want and what we will do, but now we have a point in the house where to put it and then dedicate to work? Obviously the bathroom and the kitchen are excluded, in the bathroom for excessive humidity that could spoil the appliance and in the kitchen because any odors could infiltrate the clothing. Of course it is preferable to a sewing room, where maybe we also have the iron and the board so as to create a theme room. But also in the living room, sheltered from heat sources, but near a window, could be a great accommodation.

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10. Match the sewing machine to a piece of furniture

It’s a good idea to have the sewing machine next to it, a cabinet in which to keep everything you need. Better if the cabinet has more shelves, to better divide all the utensils, even the fabrics and clothes on which we have to work. Having everything at your fingertips helps a lot in this type of work.

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