Best 10 Art Deco Interior Design Ideas 2018

Do you have any idea about what an art deco interior design is? What are the characteristics? And so on, in this article we will bravely concern about the discussion of art deco design which can be applied to your house, their background, key role and others. An art deco interior decor is basically an architectural design which appeared in 1920-1930 and became famous in both America and European.  This type of architectural design presents a glamorous and elegant design with functional and modern touch. Their basic characteristics are geometric and angular form with an exotic interior and linear decoration.

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inspirational art deco interior design interiordecoratingcolors in art deco interior design Art Deco Interior Design Ideas

They also use varieties furniture material to support the interior design including stainless steel, inlaid woods, glass, mirror, and lacquer.  These elements are considered to be the basic need of art deco interior design. Besides, they also have variations in term of themes including leaves, nude, and skin of the animal, sunburst, trapezoid and even a jagged.

art deco interior design style history and characteristics inside art deco interior design Art Deco Interior Design Ideas

In creating an art deco interior decor design, the first thing you need to concern is the use of color especially for both the walling and the furniture’s. Usually we used to apply reds. Green, blues, which are mixed with black, silver, and chrome, but sometimes we can also manage an art deco interior by using lighter color such as beige and cream.

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art deco interior design ideas or great gats style interiordecoratingcolors within art deco interior design Art Deco Interior Design Ideas

As for the furniture, we tend to use a darker color which is quite opposite with the color for the walling. Choosing darker brown will be much preferable, since the color will strengthen the materials and the shapes of wooden furniture. Beside the color, you might also need to consider the use of larger furniture especially for the sideboards and armoires. For the pattern of the furniture’s fabric, applying a geometrical one will be much desirable than the floral.

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art deco interior design for living room the best design for inside art deco interior design Art Deco Interior Design Ideas

Black and white tiles are basically the main flooring design which can be applied in art deco interior design, since both of them might strengthen the geometrical shape of the house. The last thing that you need to manage is the lighting system; glass lighting is one of our best recommendations.

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