Lighting Choices For Backyard Lighting Ideas

An important feature for garden decor is the lighting. Today, lighting is more important than ever. Thus, it is practical to ask: What kind of lighting do you like? There are several options available for you on the market. Let us take a look at some of backyard lighting ideas:

1. Solar lighting – This is very economical since you do not have to change the bulb. It works with rechargeable batteries that are powered by the sun during the day to get some energy and it works as light in the night.

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2. Tiki torches – These are like flashlights made of decorative rod, fuel tank and wick. The most conventional type is made of bamboo, but there are a number of recent models on the market. Tiki torches can be small enough to be on the patio table or as tall to be on the top of your tree.

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3. The best of both worlds – You can also buy electric tiki torches powered by solar energy. They are certainly safer than those that have an open flame and you can leave them longer too.

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Backyard lighting ideas spaces at night is a way to increase its safety and improve its aesthetics.

A correct external artificial lighting is essential to live easily the external spaces even after the sunset, reaching, for example, safely the entrance of your home.

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Outdoor Lighting and light pollution

The external lights, however, must illuminate in a not excessive and comfortable way only the areas useful, without glare and without “wasting light” in the surrounding environment. In the design of outdoor lighting it is essential, in fact, to pose the problem of light pollution, a phenomenon that occurs when the light emitted by outdoor lighting fixtures is facing upward and consequently dispersed.

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This phenomenon causes various types of damage: environmental (loss of orientation for animals, alteration of circadian rhythms in humans), cultural (vanishing of the starry sky due to too much light facing the sky) and economic (waste of energy For areas that do not require lighting).

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The regional laws against light pollution generally prohibit luminous fluxes with components that exceed 90°, except for rare exceptions (as for archaeological areas). To overcome this problem, the lighting fixtures must be equipped with appropriate shielding systems (cut-off) and be correctly installed.

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With regard to the legislation on urban lighting, and with particular reference to the municipal plans of light, there is currently no national legislative reference, but every Italian region has its own directives governing the issue of control of light pollution.

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Outdoor Lighting: What aspects should be considered

To adequately illuminate the external spaces, different types of products must be chosen depending on the environment to be illuminated (lighting of the façade, the entrance door, the driveway etc.) and the position in which it deeds.

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However there are common features for all outdoor lighting fixtures. For example, products designed specifically for exteriors, which are capable of withstanding humidity, atmospheric agents and temperature fluctuations, should be used; We must therefore prefer products made with waterproof and corrosion-proof materials.

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