20 Color Theme 2018

Paint can be used to create a color theme. Theme rooms can be inexpensive. This is great if you are decorating a kid’s room but you suspect that they will just want to get rid of the decor in a few years. All you have to do is change out the color scheme in the room. A room theme can be based around a specific hobby, era, or feeling.

Modern Room Colors: Color can update your home. For a modern kitchen try black or white cabinets. Modern decor is about stark contrast with bright pops of color. Add in a cheerful pendant light in turquoise or red that will become the focal point of the room.

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Cottage House Colors: Give your house a homey touch with cottage decorating. Stick with cream walls. This color is less harsh than white and will give the appearance that it’s been around for awhile. Use a color on the sofa such as pale blue, lavender or pink. Pull a muted palette from your favorite quilt or an herb garden for a natural feeling.

Retro Color: Retro rooms are perfect for a teenager or game room feel. Modernize olive green with bright white accessories. Orange can be funky and contemporary at the same time when paired with neutral colors like taupe. Pattern is essential in a retro room so paint a few funky flowers in the wall in hot pink or fluorescent green. Make a psychedelic paint treatment with a few large waves on one wall. Keep the colors tonal and stick with 3-5 tones so it doesn’t overwhelm the space, dividing the wall into large swirls.

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Soccer Room Theme: Looking at paint chips can be overwhelming, misleading and just plain not fun. Take inspiration from a favorite piece in the room like a soccer ball. Hang soccer balls from the ceiling as an art treatment and keep the rest of the color palette black and white. This theme works well in a teenager’s room if he wants black walls. Settle for one black focal wall and the rest white for a room that stays with the theme colors while remaining bright and cheery. Both you and your teen will win and how many times can you really say that happens?

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