Designs for Country Bathrooms

Country bathrooms have a casual style to them. You should be interested in it because of the vintage effects that you’ll find in these spaces. This means that you’re really going to get a durable space. Here are a few of the items that you’ll need to have in this room.

It’s important to give your door some sort of paint treatment. This could be a farmhouse style; just by painting it gray. You might just want to paint this on the interior of your space so it will match the rest of your white doors from the hallway.

modern country bathroom ideas with regard to country bathroom designs Designs for Country Bathrooms

If you have any kind of laundry room in your space then make sure it’s still part of the rest of the design. You can do this with plantation shutters. This could even be in oak or a painted variety. This can be pretty pricy so you might instead just want to try finding a piece that will fit at salvage yards such as Habitat for Humanity’s Restore.

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54 small country bathroom designs ideas round decor inside country bathroom designs Designs for Country Bathrooms

You can also look for new ways to use lace. This could be a more modern vinyl lace shower curtain. Initially either of these materials would seem quite dated. However, you can use these together in a contemporary way. Skip a lot of flouncy valances and appliqués and instead go for sheer varieties with a liner.

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You also want to try to make your vanity mimic antique furniture. This may mean updating it with crystal knobs. You can also find one that sits on typical bun feet. What type of paint you use is really going to determine which of the country styles you get. For instance, a distressed white will seem shabby chic. Red will be rustic. You can also go for a farmhouse gray tone.

bathroom country bathroom designs high end bathroom ideas master throughout country bathroom designs Designs for Country Bathrooms

As far as the tile materials in your space go you might want to choose vintage style tiles. If you’re on a budget then just mix this in with your traditional white ceramic pieces. This could be a subway tile or even a really simple honeycomb effect.

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The other option is to go into more a contemporary vibe. This will need some very overt looks so you still get a country bathroom. This will probably include a clawfoot style tub. Glass mosaic tile is really very modern. However, you can still make this material work if you use a bright primary color such as yellow or aqua.

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The feeling in this kind of room is going to be quite casual. You can do this by leaning up the mirror against the wall instead of going with the traditional bath cabinet. Just take safety concerns into account.

Wood words are also a chic accessory. Spell out the word bath in large letters. You can also find vintage style drawer knobs that are going to mimic “hot’ and “cold” faucet knobs for a slight sense of whimsy. In fact, words are even popular on porcelain accessories such as lotion dispensers. Otherwise this material would seem quite outdated.

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all about country bathroom ideas you must read before awesome house regarding country bathroom designs Designs for Country Bathrooms

It’s also important to add in an element of luxury. You can do this with a crystal chandelier or Venetian mirror. Instead of a lot of decorative towels just go with fluffy spa like versions.

Some colors are initially going to drive home this theme. Yellow is bright and cheerful and really pops against white fixtures. However, since it’s also a warm tone it looks really beautiful with wood.

Wallpaper is popular in the country style but it’s not really that conducive to baths. However, you can just try painting a plaid on one wall of the bathroom. This could even be more contemporary and can mimic some of the shower curtains that are popular by design stars like Martha Stewart. Use neutral colors so it doesn’t overwhelm the space. Also go for larger blocks so it’s easier to paint and less busy. Plus, you’ll really want to make sure your squares are even. Different sizes of squares and rectangles will be more Modrian and contemporary inspired.

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