30 Farmhouse Decorating Ideas Trends in 2018

Farmhouse decorating ideas are one of the biggest trends in interior design. I think this has to do with the budget consciousness that’s really sweeping the country right now. This is probably the go to style if you want to use what you already have. It’s still going to be a little bit more chic than the country look. Or course getting a farmhouse bathroom or country bathrooms can still be pretty cheap through the use of farmhouse paint colors.

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One of the pieces that you might have a lot of trouble finding is going to be a farmhouse couch. You really need it for farmhouse interiors but it’s more difficult to track down than farmhouse decor. How are you supposed to get all of the easy to clean fabrics and comfort that is really a must for this design style? Plus, sectionals provide tons of seating and space division; but any style of this is going to seem quite modern.

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The type of furniture that you use really just depends on how much of the theme the room already has. For instance if you have wood beams or a stone fireplace; then you’re really not going to have to go all out with your theme. Then you can use lots of more modern furniture. It can even be in a bright white as long as it has a skirt on it. This is really going to work well if you want a lighter look in your room because then you can paint some of your architectural details to match.

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29 best farmhouse fall decorating ideas and designs for 2018 throughout Farmhouse decorating ideas Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

You also might want to try adding in some inexpensive fixes. This could just be painting an oak fireplace mantle in a bright white. Then add in architectural details in a worn wood whether it’s on your end tables or your floors.

Farmhouse Fabric Ideas

This is essential for both your furniture and your curtains. Traditionally this would use a mix of both elegant and casual fabric. It might use toile as well as florals. This is also evocative of the French Country kind of design style. However, you can just use a minimal color palette. This might just use one or two colors whereas the French Country look is going to really use several brighter colors such as pink, yellow, and green. However, this kind of look will just use one color such as blue and pair it with white or taupe.

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30 best diy farmhouse decor ideas and designs for 2018 for Farmhouse decorating ideas Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

The other advantage to this is the ability to salvage what you already own. As long as there is really a totally new and fresh look in your room with paint you can shop at the thrift store for your furniture. You can really look for Chesterfield or vintage styles. Then paint accent chairs in white or reupholster them. This saves you tons of money on a new furniture set.

How to do a Farmhouse Remodel

Whether you’re working in a condo or a farmhouse you want to make sure that you really know what to save and what to get rid of. Of course, in a vintage farmhouse you probably want new appliances and wiring. However, things like marble countertops and vintage cabinets are really worth saving. Just try painting your cabinets out in a bright white. Save any stained glass even though it probably isn’t the most fashionable anymore. Then you can use a more modern dove gray on your island. This is a classic vintage tone that is also very trendy.

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25 ways to add farmhouse style to any home rustic country home in Farmhouse decorating ideas Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

Hallmarks of Farmhouse Interiors

Farmhouse interiors should be comfortable. This is the perfect design style if you have a family or you are on a budget. It’s important to really master paint finishes in this kind of room. Any kind of painted vanity is really going to be evocative of this design style. The same thing goes for cabinets and bookshelves. If you don’t have a lot of wood tones in your space already then mix in some wood furniture with other painted pieces. You can also save some of the wood tops and then paint the legs in a different color. This is going to use more subtle distressed finishes than the shabby chic style. However, there will definitely be some sanding and worn edges.

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