Best 90+ Galley Kitchen Ideas 2018

The kitchen has become a stronghold of gathering and entertainment for most modern families and if you have a galley style setup, you’re probably searching for a few galley kitchen ideas that will enhance your space! Most prospective homeowners of this day and age are looking for big, open kitchens that provide the square footage and amenities of something that’s a little ways beyond their price range. Isn’t it nice to know that even if you can’t afford the “kitchen of your dreams” right away you can work up to making it come to life? The galley kitchen is probably the least sought after style but with a little creativity and elbow grease, something amazing can be achieved!

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Make structural changes when necessary

If your budget and existing architecture allow for it, don’t be afraid of renovation to make your galley kitchen ideas a reality! If you need to better organize your work triangle, knock out some walls and take square footage from other rooms to create a larger kitchen. In dire need of more aisle space? Trying to get more useable countertop into your kitchen? You can make big changes with very little money and you don’t have to completely rehaul your layout if you don’t want to.

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Go lighter and brighter

Using light colors for your cabinetry and flooring will create the illusion of more space in a tight galley kitchen layout. Creating a uniform look using the right paint will draw your eye all the way around while making you feel like you’ve got more room to breathe. If you want to add a little color, you can find different places to get funky: like inside your cabinets. Concealing your appliances like the dishwasher and refrigerator behind custom cabinet panels that match your paint job will add to that consistent theme and keep your traffic areas less cluttered. If there’s not already a window in your galley kitchen, adding one right at the rear will bring in natural light and depth that’s much needed. Use high-up open shelving storage solutions if possible so that the eye continues to be drawn upward when you enter the kitchen. Go as minimalist as possible on your countertops. If it’s not an appliance that you use on a regular basis, it should be stowed away: you’ll need all of the counter space you can get!

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A pass-through window can bring in the fun!

If you’ve got a galley style kitchen that’s somewhat closed off from the rest of your space, adding a nice pass-through window to a wall that’s not used for much can be a great idea (so long as you’re not giving up storage space that you need). The pass-through window will create a place where you can see into your other areas of your home while still being immersed in your kitchen. You might even create a breakfast bar there where friends and family can pull up a chair and carry on conversation as you finishing preparing food!

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Use every inch efficiently!

Don’t allow for dead spaces in your kitchen! If you’ve got a microwave taking up counter space, move it above the range. Placing a sink in the corner will provide more continuous usable counter area. Thoughtful planning will go a long way and save you tons of time. Wherever you see a potential to create more storage space without closing yourself in, take the opportunity to do so! If you don’t have cabinets that extend to the ceiling, you might consider adding interesting shelving above your cabinetry. You won’t ever regret adding more functional touches to your space. Add a dining nook right before the entrance of your kitchen. This will allow you to remain close to guests while still holding things down in the kitchen.

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Accessorize with taste

Of course you want to make your kitchen feel lively and inviting, so it goes without saying that some level of decoration will be necessary. The key to properly adding personal touches to your kitchen lies in not overdoing it. You want to pick accessories that won’t bog down the form or function of your kitchen. Tasteful wall art or a durable rug to stand on while doing dishes are the kinds of things you want to go for. Less is truly more and you should be able to find a nice balance to your design.

Although it might seem like a nightmare at first undertaking, creating an extremely functional galley kitchen is within your reach! There are so many galley kitchen remodel ideas that you can tackle on your own and once you’ve got a working plan, things will begin to come together right before your eyes. As long as you keep the principles of function and illusion at the forefront of your mind, you should be able to formulate a design with these galley kitchen ideas that is completely transformative!

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