Top 25 Garden Fence Ideas Trends 2018

Having your very own garden is a great addition to your home environment. This is because your garden provides a place where you can entertain your visitors and it is also a serene place where you can relax.

In order to make your garden a better place to relax, you may want to consider a range of garden fence ideas that will secure your house stylishly and make it even more presentable.

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There are a number of reasons why you might want to install fences around your garden which include; ensuring security, giving you privacy and of course a well-designed fence can enhance the appeal of your home.

Here are some garden fence ideas that you can easily apply in your own garden. These are simple yet great ideas that can add that touch of style to your home.

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Which fence material?

First and foremost, it is important that you look for a sturdy material to use in the construction and installation of your fence. Common materials used include the following:

  • Wrought iron
  • Wood
  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Bamboo
  • Vinyl – see image below
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Keep in mind, fences can also be built from a combination of materials. For instance, you can combine wood and steel, brick and wrought iron or PVC and steel.  The choice of materials you want to use will depend on your taste, the style of your home and garden and practical considerations such as price and planning regulations.  Most importantly of course, you also want it to look good with your house.

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Cost of Building a Fence

The next part you would want to consider is the price of materials. Bear in mind that different fence materials may also affect fence installation costs as well. Some materials may be cheaper but the installation may be more expensive.  Some fences can readily be erected by a home handyman as well, providing an opportunity to save on costs. As a general guide, simple aluminum, wooden and bamboo fences are at the cheaper end of the scale while wrought iron, brick and stone are more expensive.  Combinations of materials such as a stone base and pillars with wrought iron may become more expensive as the construction becomes more complicated.  Like most things in life, the choice eventually comes down to a question of taste and cost.  Naturally you want to strike a balance that gives you a result that you’re happy with that looks great in your garden while fitting within your budget.

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Providing Security and Privacy

In terms of security, you may want a fence that is sufficiently high that it would deter thieves.  You also want your fence to be to keep out wandering animals such as stray dogs.  Higher fences also provide additional privacy.  One thing to consider though is that if your garden is small, or your fence is close to the house, a tall fence can make your yard look smaller and can make your house darker.

different materials used for decorative garden fencing garden with regard to garden fence material Top 10 Garden Fence Ideas Trends 2018

Choosing a Fence Design

There are a number of approaches you could consider in trying to select a fence design.  If you’re on a tighter budget or you like the idea of doing things yourself, then drive around your suburb and look for homes with a similar design to yours and look at their fences.  Take a camera along so you can capture ideas you like.  Or you could try looking at real estate sites and the photos there.  If you don’t have the time to do things yourself or our budget stretches further you could consider hiring a garden designer or landscaping company. This way, they could provide you with a range of options and allow you to choose the designs for your garden fence that you like best.

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Overall, planning is the key to good garden fence design.  Consider the materials, the construction costs, the purpose of your fence and your budget and then you’re in a position to select the best garden fence idea that will add style to your home and garden.

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