Glass Shower Doors Add Style

When building the ideal bathroom for your property, some thought needs to go into the design of the integral parts of the room; a sleek and efficient toilet, an equally stylish basin, and some appealing glass shower doors to complete the look.

More thought goes into the design and concept of a bathroom than most people think. This is due to the fact that it is one of the most visited rooms in any property because of its necessity and functionality. This means that the furniture you need to use in a bathroom needs to be durable and stylish, as well.

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On the topic of shower doors, it can easily be concluded that they are the go-to installment of any shower in the present day. A variety of factors has led to shower curtains being phased out over the past years.

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Stylish Alternatives

A common variant of the shower door being used in modern bathroom designs are frameless shower doors. The minimalist approach to such a functional item is very popular. The seamless look this fixture brings integrates perfectly with an equally smooth glass panel to create some very fancy looking frameless glass shower doors.

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The benefits of a glass shower door in general are the simplicity of their installation and maintenance. With a sliding door in your bathroom, you cut down on cleaning time and hassle, achieve that stylish aura your bathroom can heavily benefit from with advantages that no other alternatives have.

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Using a curtain can be cheap and get the basic job done, but is generally seen as out of fashion and a rare choice for interior designers or architects. There is also the general hassle involved in cleaning them and that annoying feeling where you step on the curtain when it slips into the shower area.

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Why Glass?

You get a good deal of flexibility when designing shower doors, as well. In the case of a glass panel being used, you can decide on the panel being clear. If you want that strictly minimalist and utilitarian look, go for some frosted glass to give you that sense of privacy when you shower. Glass can also be tinted or tempered to your specifications, and can even be engraved or stenciled if you really want to go that extra mile in your designs.

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Critics of using glass in bathrooms may say that it is a fragile material to use in such a slippery environment, but with the advent of tempered and laminated glass; you end up with a product that can be just as durable as metal or wood.

Overall, the use of glass shower doors in your bathroom can lighten up the atmosphere. It also gives the room a sense of sophistication and style that otherwise would not be there without that sleek finish. When you need that complete and stylish look, go for glass!

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