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Granite countertop colors add an air of luxury or pattern to your kitchen. There are literally thousands of colors of granite. The specific slab that you get may look slightly different than the small sample you were shown. Granite is a big monetary investment so you want to pick out a color that you can live with for years to come.

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White granite may be confused with marble at first glance. It has more flecks than marble will be a more durable work top. The colors range from white to ivory and have black and gray flecks. Use white granite on top of cherry wood cabinets for high end contrast.

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When choosing granite you need to consider the color and pattern. Neutral granite colors will have mass appeal when you go to sell your house. These are just like neutral wall colors: beige, yellow, and gold granite. Granite can look like a solid surface or you can see many different flecks and spots in the stone. Pair louder patterns with neutral cabinets and more subtle granite slabs with bolder colors. This gives contrast to the room.

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Granite comes in many of the colors of the rainbow, and some colors that aren’t even in the rainbow. Green and blue granite are more specific colors that will have a narrower appeal. Granite also comes in various forms of burgundy, orange and red. Choose color specific granite if you plan on changing out your countertops often, or you’ve been in love with the same color for a long time. Pink countertops add a feminine touch to the kitchen but still have the masculine element of stone. Granite comes in everything from pink, to mauve, to lavender. Compromise with your spouse by choosing a slab with black flecks in it so you get a nice balance.

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Darker colors of granite add a rich feel to a kitchen. Black granite pops against white cabinets. Splurge on the stone and save money on the cabinets by painting them yourselves. Brown is a popular granite color that works well with wood tones. Many of your guests might not have seen gray granite before so you’ll be the talk of the town. Gray granite works well with stainless appliances and you can even paint the cabinets gray for a monochromatic space.

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