How to Keep a Fire Pit from Rusting & in Shape!

There are certainly answers to how you can keep your fire pit from rusting. If you think that outdoor fire pits rust easily, you’re absolutely right. But that doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do to slow down rust formation and ensure that your fire pit lasts longer.

Some of the most common methods to prevent rust in a fire pit is by applying oil and layering the pit with sand or other heat-resistant materials. Today, we have summarized these tricks so that you can find the best way that works for you.

Without further ado, let’s get right at it!

How to keep your fire pit from rusting

Here are some of the proven methods to protect a fire pit from rust and wear!

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1.      Always clean any debris after using

After using the fire pit each time, it’s good to make a habit of cleaning after it. Leftover ash in a fire pit can attract moisture from rain and the humid air, which will latch onto the metal surface. The ash in the inner parts of a fire pit can be even more destructive as this is where the heat is centered at and rust can form most easily.

Once you have ensured that the fire pit is completely off, you can remove all the coal and throw the ash elsewhere. Another tip is to splash your ash waste with some water to prevent any fire-related accidents!

It’s especially important to clean out any debris and objects that can retain moisture, which will cause your fire pit to rust more easily. We even recommend using an ash vacuum to make the cleaning process much easier. Our favorite one is hands-down this Shop-Vac 4041200.

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2.      Get a waterproof cover to shield against rain and moisture

The single most common cause of rust in outdoor metal objects is rain. Therefore, the best thing to do to protect against rain is to store your fire pit indoors. This could be inside your main home, in the garage, or even just under a covered patio. While this can be a hassle if you use the fire pit daily, it’s a great way to keep it from rusting.

You can even get a dolly to help you move the fire pit if it’s heavy. On the other hand, if moving the fire pit is simply not feasible, we recommend getting a waterproof cover instead. Make sure the cover is made of water-resistant material and can help prevent any water from seeping into your fire pit.

3.      Use sand or other heat-resistant barrier for the fire pit

When first building your fire pit, it can be worth it to invest some time in researching the best fire pit design that can help it remain durable for longer. One thing you can do to ensure this is to apply a heat-resistant barrier between the inner part where the flame is and the metal material of the fire pit.

This will aid the metal and preserve its strength. In other words, your fire pit will not rust as easily! One of the materials you can try to use for this barrier is lava rock, but the most affordable and easiest option is sand. Read this article to know about the best type of sand to use in your fire pit.

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4.      Check fire pit regularly for rusting signs

Our next tip is simple but essential. Don’t forget to keep checking your fire pit to look for signs of early rusting. Once you spot rust before it has developed too much, it can be much easier to treat it and restore your fire pit to its original condition. Plus, when the metal has just begun to rust, you won’t have to use heavy chemical solutions to fix it.

5.      Coat with vegetable oil to prevent rust formation

Finally, a time-tested secret to prevent rusting on a fire pit is by lightly coating vegetable oil (or any other food oil) on the metal. Make sure to apply on a light coating by using a damp paper towel and rubbing the metal surface. It should not be dripping wet!

The coat of oil over the metal will act as a protective barrier so that the pores are protected and not exposed to moisture. As no water is now able to leech into the metal, it is now harder for it to rust.

One thing to note is that you have to make sure that the fire pit hasn’t rusted in the first place. If it is already rusting, you should remove and restore the metal first before trying this method. This can also be great for fire pits that are kept in highly humid areas.

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How to remove rust from a fire pit?

If your fire pit is rusting on the surface, then it is still very much possible to remove the rust. The easiest way is to use a rust dissolver or removal product, and simply follow the instructions on the packaging. However, do know that this method can produce toxic by-products, which are quite harmful for the environment and for the kids, if you have any at home.

Removing fire pit rust with natural methods

If you don’t want to use any chemicals that may damage your environment or become hazards for pets and children, then you can resort to natural methods. There are lots of different ways to remove rust naturally, including white vinegar, baking soda, and even cola.

To ensure that you can successfully restore your fire pit’s metal surface, it’s crucial to spot the rust as early as possible. The first step is using soapy water to wash away any debris and rust, then you can start sanding the surface with a fine-grit sandpaper. After that, you can wipe away any debris or dust, then continue with your solution of choice!

For instance, white vinegar can dissolve rust as it is acidic, so you can simply soak a cloth in it and wipe the metal. Just make sure to wash away the vinegar afterward or it may damage your fire pit.

Good luck!

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