Interior Color Scheme for Living Room

An interior color scheme can use inspiration from everyday food items. Yellow and white isn’t just the color combination of an egg it can also work in your home. Look for a more luxurious butter yellow and an ivory wall color to break up the egg stigma and create an air of luxury. These colors are often found in toile fabric. If you’re afraid of color, or usually decorate in neutrals try a butter and ivory combination to break out of the box without stepping on the box completely.

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Decorate with color by looking to nature. Mother Nature usually knows what she’s doing right? How many times have you walked outside and thought “That just doesn’t match. Someone needs to repaint the flowers.” Natural color palettes don’t have to be boring. Brown and green work together. The key is to bring the color palette together with grass cloth, linen or a modern geometric rug. Vary the tones so your room doesn’t look like a tree. Instead try a chicer lemon grass green and sand for a soothing palette. Spice up neutral walls and furniture with a country check. This can appear on a bench, seat covers of a lampshade. Checks can seem country or casual and work well because they tie in an existing color with a bright pink or blue for a color palette that makes sense.

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Interior decorating paint colors add importance to areas that might otherwise go unnoticed. Many modern homes include niches and alcoves. They may be too little to hold a painting or your artwork might get lost. However, you probably want to highlight the alcove or archway it’s one of those architectural elements that you paid more money for right? Paint the art niche a dark color like eggplant or cobalt blue to give it more importance. This allows crystalware to stand out because it has a dark backdrop.

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If you have neutral home interior colors consider a spice color palette. Spices still are neutral tones and will work with your existing color palette but they have a punch of color. This palette works well if your home has an open floor plan so the colors need to work together. Give that taupe a hint of saffron yellow or orange for a neutral with kick.

Using color in decorating can involve more than just paint. Upholstery skills allow you to add color to a room. By upholstery skills I mean the use of a staple gun. This is a way to change up that dining room set or create your own. Use a different fabric on each chair in a coordinating color palette. This is a twist on the 90’s way of painting each mismatched chair a different color which still works.

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