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Interior decorating colors: How to choose colors?

What colors to choose according to decorating a room? How to associate the tints and nuances between them? How to adapt the colors to the function of a space? The answers in our dossier.

Choose a dominant color

To choose the key color of a room, it is important to define what style is meant to confer it: classic, opulent, minimalist, pastel tones… The important thing is that you look like one. If you are in doubt, avoid the colors too bright: In the long run, you risk regret.

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Choose a color depending on the orientation of the rooms

The orientation of the room is decisive in the choice of colors. To the north, a room is little exposed to the sun. In This case it is better to opt for warm tones (yellow, orange…), to brighten and make the environment brighter. For the south, the coolest colors (blue, green, white…) that “freshen up” a sun-soaked room are good. On the east side, the more neutral tones (cream, grey) are to be preferred to make the atmosphere more welcoming. Finally, as the sun sets to the west, you can choose cooler or neutral tints (white, grey, plum) for the rooms on display in this direction.

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Choose a color based on the opening of the rooms

If you live in an apartment or a house where the rooms are open and communicating with each other, it is important to uniformed the color to ensure a certain continuity. You can use the same color for all rooms, adding decorative objects of different colors, even vivid, to personalize and distinguish each room.

How to play with colors?
The Camaieu

When the same color is declined in more or less clear tones, we talk about Camaieu. Creating a delicate harmony between colors is a rather difficult job. To do this, you can help with the chromatic circle to see what are the close colors.

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The contrasts
When two different colors of families oppose each other, we talk about contrast (green and red, orange and blue, purple and yellow). If handled well, the contrasts allow to give a room a strong personality. As long as you want to dare…

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The balance
In this case, the colors of different families are combined in perfect balance. It is said to be preferable not to go beyond the three colors per room: The dominant color occupies about 80% of the surface, the second color 15% and the third 5%.

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The volumes
Colors strongly influence our perception of volumes. They make it possible to emphasize the qualities of a room or, on the contrary, to attenuate the defects. To lower the height of the ceiling, it is for example recommended to tint with a dark color, so you will have the impression to bring it to the ground. To correct the prospects, you can color one of the four walls of a room. The painted wall captures the attention by altering the perception of space.

How to add a touch of color?
The fabrics
The fabrics are decorative elements that allow to add a note of color: curtains, pillows, blankets, tablecloths, furniture upholstery… You can also change the materials and colors depending on the seasons.

Decorative Accessories
Scented candles, glass objects, luminous garlands, paintings… The home decorating shops are full of cute and colorful little accessories. And nothing prevents you from fabricating them with your own hands.

The flowers
Depending on the seasons, the fresh flowers give a touch of color and cheerfulness to a room. You can choose between a bouquet placed in a vase, a little bowl with a few floating flowers, a centerpiece…

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To every room, its color!
Each environment has a specific function. That’s why the choice of colors is important.

Neutral or vibrant colors in the living room
The living room is the favorite place to relax, chat, welcome guests… The atmosphere must be warm and welcoming.
It is a ‘ living ‘ place, and is often the largest room in the house. It must combine comfort and aesthetics, but above all, it must resemble you. It is therefore very important to feel comfortable in this environment dedicated to both family and social life. To create a pleasant context, you prefer vivid and cheerful colors and banish sad colors like black. Also think of the lights, which make the atmosphere even more intimate and convivial.

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The alternative? Cream, white, gray, coffee, honey, chocolate … simple, natural and versatile, neutral tones are very classic but never go out of style for living room. They agree perfectly with each other and create a delicate and elegant atmosphere. The extra idea: You can add more vibrant color touches to break the somewhat traditional effect of these tones: pillows, blankets, curtains… you choose!

Colors that brighten the kitchen
After the stay, a kitchen is perhaps the second most important room in the house. This is where you find yourself to cook, certainly, but also to discuss and be together. To organize this space often reduced you have to focus on aesthetics and functionality. Avoid painting walls with too dark color (black or blue night). If your walls are white, focus on bright colors, even fluorescent, as far as decorative elements and kitchen utensils are concerned.

The yellow is a bright color and very suitable for the kitchen. According to your taste, it can be used to paint the walls or to small touches (for the doors of the furniture, for the accessories and the kitchen utensils…). The yellow gives cheerfulness and warmth, in all its nuances (canary, lemon, pale…).

The Bedroom: Resting space
The bedroom is the resting place par excellence: This is where you relax and recharge the batteries. The colors must therefore be harmonious to encourage the creation of a calm atmosphere. Carpets, walls, sheets, curtains, floor… think of Everything! The red is too aggressive, so it is better to avoid it (even if it is the color of the Passion).

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For children, the room is a place of play but often also of study. They need to feel at ease and their room represents them. The color touches, therefore, are welcome.

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The celestial, which recalls the color of the sky, is recognized for its soothing virtues. It is therefore suitable to the bedroom and marries very well with the tones of white. What’s more, it agrees with all kinds of fabrics and furniture. You can paint the light blue walls to enlarge the room, or white with a touch of blue.

A colorful bathroom
The bathroom, a bit like the kitchen, has become a space where indulge in terms of furnishings and colors. It is an intimate room, dedicated to cleanliness, and comfortable. In addition to white, the colors shown are blue and green, of the cold tones. Silver, black and gold, on the other hand, should be used sparingly.

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The blue reminds the sea and the holidays, creating a pleasant atmosphere. Mosaics, towels, bath salts, shower curtains… The blue can be infinitely declined.

Color balance in the studio
The study is a place dedicated to calm and concentration. It must be well organized and arranged to promote the work. If you do not have a whole room, nothing prevents you from putting a separating element or a screen to limit the space reserved for the study, for example in the living room or in the bedroom. On the side of the colors, try to find a balance between the warm shades (red, yellow, orange), which have an energizing effect, and the cold ones (green, blue, violet) more relaxing. Use black and green in moderation: the latter is a too relaxing color for a room reserved for work.

The red, daring, confers character to the environment and gives the energy to work. It may well decline in the tones of Bordeaux, rather than in those of bright red. Be careful to use it in moderation so that the atmosphere does not become too aggressive and prevents you from concentrating.

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