Is it Safe to Use Propane Fire Pit Under a Covered Porch?

Are you wondering whether it’s safe to place a propane fire pit under a covered porch? If so, this is the post you have been looking for!

There is no doubt that a fire pit is a great addition to any backyard or porch. It makes your outdoor space a multi-season space that is nice to hang out in, even when it gets a bit chilly. Plus, it improves the ambiance in your home by creating a cosy atmosphere. Best of all, you can even cook in the fire pit!

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What is the difference of a propane fire pit and gas fire pit?

The most obvious difference between the two is portability. With a propane fire pit, you only need to attach a tank that means you can move the fire pit wherever you want, as long as its size is small enough.

Meanwhile, natural gas has to go through a gas line that connects to your home, which means your fire pit should be fixed in a position and cannot be moved around.

In terms of price, natural gas is definitely much more affordable than propane. It’s also easier to get as you won’t ever have to buy more tanks of it in the store. But propane is actually more efficient as the same volume of propane can provide 2.5x more BTUs than natural gas.

Benefits of a propane fire pit

The first benefit to a propane fire pit is its simplicity, as all you need to do to turn it on is flip a switch. It is much cleaner than gas too! That is because your propane fire pit won’t spew any soot or ash, which means less mess to clean after – it won’t even blow smoke in your eyes.

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As long as you take the necessary safety precautions when placing the fire pit and operating it, this feature can be a stunning focal point for your home!

Wood-burning fire pit can be dangerous in a covered porch

With that said, we need to emphasize that wood burning fires can be a lot more dangerous to use in a covered porch or patio. This is because the fire may produce thick smoke that can be toxic and flammable when it builds up under the porch roof.

Not to mention the flying embers and sparks, which may start a fire when it catches combustible materials and furniture. A propane fire pit doesn’t produce smoke and embers, so it is definitely much safer to use at home.

How to safely use propane fire pit in a covered porch

A covered porch is different from a screened porch, and this is an important distinction for you to understand. While a covered porch simply means a roofed, open-air gallery, a screened porch is enclosed by window screens on all sides.

While it’s generally safe to put a fire pit under a covered porch, it’s not recommended to do so in a screened porch. Either way, here are some things to pay attention to before installing a propane fire pit under a covered porch…

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Gas Fire Pits: Safe Distances | The Outdoor Greatroom Company

High ceiling

It’s important for you to know how high your ceiling is and whether it’s high enough to accommodate a fire pit safely. This is because the hit from the fire pit will rise, eventually damaging the ceiling through chars and blisters over time. The worst-case scenario is that the heat could cause a fire if the ceiling is too low.

We would recommend checking with your fire pit manufacturer about the product’s height clearance and with your city codes for a more specific solution.

Good ventilation

As we have briefly mentioned earlier, it’s not safe for a fire pit to be in an enclosed room, including a screened porch. Smoke is extremely toxic and is quick to build up if the ventilation is not good enough.

If your covered porch has enough ventilation through open spaces where plenty of fresh air can circulate, it’s safe to install your propane fire pit there. You can also ask the manufacturer about the recommended placement for proper airflow.

Fire-resistant flooring

Next up, it is time to think about the flooring type on your covered porch. If it is made of wood, composite, or vinyl, then it is not the best place to put your propane fire pit. These materials are easily combustible and therefore not something you want near a heat-producing feature.

So, what’s the best type of flooring to use for a fire pit? The safest options for you would be stone, brick, or even concrete. You may even consider placing a fire pit mat underneath for an added layer of protection and safety.

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Safe location

Finally, it’s also crucial to find out the minimum distance that you’ll need for your propane fire pit. This distance may vary in different cities and places, so always check with your city regulations.

The general rule of thumb is that the area should be open and clear, and far from any combustible matter, low-hanging plants, and other materials that may catch fire easily.


All in all, the answer is that you can use propane fire pit under a covered porch. But there are a few side notes to consider that will ensure safety.

You want your porch to have open sides that are not covered by other structures or thick greeneries. This will guarantee proper ventilation so that fresh air can circulate, and hot air won’t build up inside the porch.

Plus, a propane fire pit doesn’t actually produce smoke or soot, and they burn cleanly. This makes it pretty safe to use in a covered porch. We also recommend that the ceiling above your porch is high enough.

These are the tips we have for you. Don’t be afraid to do more research before you place and use your propane fire pit under a covered porch. Good luck!

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