Landscaping with Ornamental Grasses Guide

Looking for desert plants for your garden? I recommend you create landscaping with ornamental grasses. These plants are pretty, hardy, withstand for extreme weather survive in poor soil and excellent choice for any landscaping types. There are many types of ornamental grasses from low to tall type and some of them produce very beautiful flowers. If you start to interested, there are eye caching types for you: pink pampass, red wind, northern lights, diamond and zebra grass. I will explain what else benefits and useful information related to landscaping with these desert plants.

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Enhance privacy

Building privacy with living fence is one of landscaping with ornamental grasses benefits. Block your private area and swimming pool from neighbor and road using pampass grass. This ornamental grass plant can grow tall and perfectly cover area where you want. This plant need less maintenance. What you need is planting them in arrangement like fence and monitor their growth. Regularly trim top side and exceeding branches to keep them look tidy. You can combine low type in front and taller type in back side to give two layers fence.

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Stunning focal point

Pink pampass and diamond grass are really wonderful as focal point at your garden. Pink pampass has pink flowers and diamond has white flowers. For better growth, locate them at sunny area. Pink pampass can grow up to 7 feet tall. They are real decorative plants to add colors and texture into your garden.

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Create living flower arrangement

Landscaping with ornamental grasses make you possible to create real living flower arrangement. Plant and group them based on the same type on certain area. You can add texture and color inside your garden through this way. For example if you want left side of your garden look white, so plant diamond grass there and surrounded with garden edging material from river rock or brick. Do the same if you want other color at other location. It doesn’t matter if you combine with other flower plants, but arrange them in enough distance, so they don’t compete to get nutrients from soil.

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Combine several ways to display them

Your landscaping with ornamental grasses will be more attractive if you plant them in several ways: pot, hanging pot and ground. Ornamental grass in pot give you flexibility advantage if you want to move them anywhere. Both pot and hanging pot are good to put at patio and terrace.

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Enhance fish pond look

Do you love your koi fish pond? If yes, surround it with these plants. It will be really amazing. Combinations of colorful koi fishes and ornamental grass flowers can not be explained with words. These plants existing improve to filter sun light, make pond more shady.

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Time to start planting

Start to plant ornamental grasses from seeds on fall or spring seasons. Watering and give fertilizer regularly. If you don’t want to take risk finding your ornamental grasses seeds die, just buy medium size. If you plant from seeds, better to put it first at pot, after growing bigger then move to the ground.

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