25+ Best Living Room Color Scheme 2018

A living room color scheme can have a story behind it. This is a way that you can break the ice with your visitors because you’ll instantly have a story to tell. Base a room around your favorite toffee or caramel colors. If you want to tell the story you can, but if your in-laws visit and you want to seem like an adult they’ll just think they are in a sophisticated space.

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Living room art can be the inspiration for your room. A field of poppies can create a room with burnt sienna flooring and yellow rugs. Instead of using the dominate color in the artwork look at the background colors. That’s the way the artist painted it right? The background colors can be used on the walls and more vibrant poppy colors will create smaller accents in the room. If you have black and white artwork adds a sense of whimsy with a colorful mat to draw attention to the artwork or photography.

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Living room decorations can bring in color inexpensively. Affordable living room furniture can create a sense of color in your space without breaking the bank. Slipcovers have come a long ways; they no longer look like you put sheets over your couch. Fitted slipcovers have an extra, separate cover for the seat cushion so it seems more like custom furniture. Some furniture stores don’t even offer different fabric choices, they just sell the same couch and you buy the slip cover separately. Slipcovers enable you to change the look of your sofa with the seasons.

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Living room packages have become more comprehensive. If you hit the right sale you may find a set that includes lamps, artwork, end tables, sofas and even a rug. Talk to the salesman about switching to some of the pieces for coordinating pieces in a different set. This allows you to create your own personal style. Think of it as substituting fries for mashed potatoes at a restaurant, it never hurts to ask.

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Luxury living room furniture focuses on unusual lines and colors. Use a chair that looks like a classic 60’s egg or a colorful orchid in an all white room. For a more traditional living room try carved wood and nail head trim in dark stain colors for an opulent feel. You can be more daring with color such as periwinkle or orange if you can afford to replace the furniture often because you’ll be able to keep up with the trendiest colors.

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