15 Space Saving Tips for Modern Small Bathroom

To make a comfortable modern small bathroom, we need to arrange our bathroom interior design smartly. It doesn’t matter how big your bathroom, incorrect in arranging, you will get your bathroom seem gloomy. With these simple working tips, you will get your small bathroom as the unexpected place before. These tips will increase the physical space and the perception of your bathroom space, making your bathroom more space saving and efficient.

1. Use sliding door

We begin with the bathroom door. The swing of your standard hinged bathroom door can take a lot of floor space. Consider to change with a sliding door can save valuable footage of bathroom space. However, you can use the half slide – half hinged door which has a single door can slide a bit and hinges a bit, this is the perfect door for the small bathroom.

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This “Eclipse Novanta” combines the hinged and slider door, perfect for those areas where there’s not adequate wall space for the traditional hinged unit.

2. Use storage that fits with corner

Don’t let your corner become unused space. You should maximize your corner bathroom with an appropriate unique design solution. Optimize bathroom storage by installing the cabinet, or wall-mounted storage which fit with the corner. By installing a corner bathroom cabinet will give a real space saving storage which can be mounted, hung or by just lodging the smaller angled spaces in your bathrooms.

This corner cabinet is one example of space saving design solutions for the small bathroom from IKEA. This cabinet with headboard makes use of every nook and cranny, maximizing your storage space with traditional style. Or you can try this corner wall-mounted unit to increase your wall storage. Wall-mounted have advantages because you can pick and put back stuff easily.

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3. Use compact toilet

When you enter the bathroom, the toilet is the center of the main view and often makes your bathroom appear full due to its large size. You need to downsize your toilet with a more compact elongated model which is also smaller. It is also eco-friendly since use less water and more comfortable with extended elongated seat. Don’t fail to consider flushing type and shape when choosing your perfect toilet.

This compact elongated toilet delivers the comfort with a 16-½” rim within the space of a round-front bowl. This high-efficiency toilet uses 20% less water 1.28 gallons per flush.

awesome modern small bathroom ideas design ideas modern cool in for modern small bathroom 15 Space Saving Tips for Modern Small Bathroom

Consider to use this wall mounted toilet to increase the physical space of your tiny bathroom. These models make a clean bathroom while saving your valuable space. This Antibacterial wall mounted toilet is the innovative hygiene solution for the small bathroom. The new glaze contains silver ions that have been proven to decrease the growth of bacteria by more than 99.9%!

4. Choose proper bath

Is it still possible to have a bath even with a small bathroom? Yes very sure. A small bathroom and a lovely bath are not equally exclusive! The type of bath we use for will affect the overall layout of our bathroom. You have to consider the tub which fit with a tiny bathroom. There are three types of the best bath tub for small bathroom i.e. inset bath, corner bath and free standing bath.

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Consider this creative corner solution for a small bathroom, the PUNTA DUO 3 impresses with its spacious interior and offers with its armrest that can be used as a seat, and a lateral tap ledge particularly versatile bathing comfort. Despite its compact exterior dimensions, it is very spacious with a floor length of 129 cm.

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Or, if you tend to comfort and design, maybe this stylish free standing bath is suitable for you. Inside, with a generously proportioned backrest area and integrated armrests. Outside with a harmonious asymmetrical shape.

5. Use compact shower

You can use a mini shower with a partial wall or a sliding shower door or shower screen. These types make the room sense larger and creating the perception of even larger space since don’t need space for door clearance, and the glass acts like a window.

Shower stalls with folding sliding doors are particularly space-saving because the doors do not require a pivot range outer. So toilet and wash basin can be arranged directly next to the shower. The access from the corner is large and easy.

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6. Use smaller corner sink faucet

Consider to change or use smaller corner sink faucet which fits with a small bathroom. Corner smaller sink faucet will give benefits. You still can put storage or shelves upper.

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7. Consider creative vanity

Consider to use creative bathroom vanity which fits into the modern small bathroom. Use a vanity with large mirror and lighting over the mirror to make the room atmosphere larger. Use smaller attractive mirrors as wall art on other walls to help reflect light. Combine with cabinet under vanity to make extra space.

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8. Choose the right color

There are painting tips to make your small bathroom feel larger. You can use bright colors with the same tone to make your small bathroom feel larger. Keep continuous feel bathroom space by blending your wall color and shower tile. Consider paint vertical stripes on the walls to make your short ceilings seem taller. Use light color on your windows, molding and door will make your small bathroom look bigger.

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9. Maximize space with extra storage

You have to be creative to make your small bathroom feel larger by maximizing every space use efficiently. Get extra storage of the forgotten space is a good idea. Over the toilet storage is a good idea instead of letting your upper your toilet just unused wall.

bathrooms modern small bathroom ideas as well as small bathroom inside modern small bathroom 15 Space Saving Tips for Modern Small Bathroom

10. Get advantages of mirror

Mirror is working trick to create a larger space illusion. Consider to use large mirror around bathroom wall to make your tiny bathroom feel larger. You can combine with extra wall storage behind the mirror.

This bathroom mirror with storage by Enhances Kohler’s Archer suite offer an extra storage option. Combine with a large mirror on the other side makes your modern small bathroom feel larger.

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