Tips To Plan Room Pop Design

Develop room pop design idea is tricky task, it combines opposite characteristics like monotonous and unique approach. What? Don’t think wrong, sometimes monotonous decoration is useful if we can combine with other elements well. Pop looking design can be obtained through texture, color, pattern, technique and shape. Eye catching combination will successful grab attention from other. This pop design look pleasant for every generation, both for kids and adult people. Fine both for living room and bedroom. The key factor to plan amazing pop decor is ability to think out of box. Just explore your creativity.

simple pop designs living room living room decor throughout room pop design Tips To Plan Room Pop Design

Explore unusual geometry shape

The first room pop design idea is exploring many shapes besides rectangle and circle. Think about pentagon, hexagon, triangle and zig-zag shape for your room decor. It sounds strange, but no other way creating something creative than feel strange at first time. Also blend simple line and angle, plain and bold color together. Find table lamp in unique cap with attractive lighting inside it and other elements in 3D geometry shape. Find something to be accent element at your room.

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pop designs for living room at modern home designs inside room pop design Tips To Plan Room Pop Design

Pop touch through pillow

The second room pop design idea is utilizing decorative covered pillows to spice up room. To use it, choose pillows with contrast color to wall as background. For example if you paint your wall with white or neutral colors, so vibrant orange and green will work well. While if your wall looks warm ( orange, yellow, red ), pillow with vibrant purple and blue are amazing picking.

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new pop false ceiling designs 2018 pop roof design for living in room pop design Tips To Plan Room Pop Design

Pop look through selected fabric

Besides pillows as above sample, fabric also good preference, even if you pick monotonous texture and pattern. Some fabrics like linen, silk and corduroy are good alternatives to carry passion and attraction. If we play color for pillows, here we play texture and pattern. Both are good approach for pop room decor.

pop design for bedroom youtube inside room pop design Tips To Plan Room Pop Design

Pop decor through glowing metal

The existing of metal (copper, bronze, brass, stainless steel, etc) add color, warm and shiny you room. Look at candle holder, cabinet drawers, headboard button, chair legs, mirror frame, curtain rod, stair runner rod, sculpture, artwork and so on. Utilize these elements to empower your pop decor.

25 modern pop false ceiling designs for living room excellent intended for room pop design Tips To Plan Room Pop Design

Blend pattern and reduce clutter

It sounds like two opposite things. Well, think out of box. Reduce first unnecessary item by storing theme to storage places. To make excellent decor, your room must clean and clear. Then play with pattern like exploiting selected fabric as above point. Don’t limit one pattern for every fabric, but you must coordinate its colors.

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ceiling designs for your living room ceilings pop false ceiling within room pop design Tips To Plan Room Pop Design

Create focal point

Pick one special item at your room as focal point and make it look prominent. It’s free to decide which one will be focal point, but it must be unique and special. Maybe you own Persian rug, it’s exclusive item. Make it prominent than other elements. Or you have Venetian mirror, silk pillow cover, expensive artwork and painting, high end TV and so on. These are possible to be your special thing in your room.

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