How to Decorate with Silver Decor

Silver decor can really add in a elegant feeling to your room but it doesn’t have to be expensive. It gives you an opulent look then just makes things quite sparkly. This is also more of a gender neutral way to design simply because it isn’t overly frilly. You will just be focusing on one metallic color. This can blend in with all different kinds of design styles. Here are a few tips for decorating with silver decor.

hot for 2016 decorating your bathroom in silver hues our throughout decorating with silver decor How to Decorate with Silver Decor

Try a winter Wonderland theme. You could use this in a bathroom, dining room or even a kid’s room or in a nursery. This really gives you the opportunity to create a unique color palette. You might often see these themes in wedding spaces but it can also translate into home decor. You could go shopping and find icicles to hang from windows or have your kids cut out snowflakes. You could also just go with the color palette of winter by bringing in a crisp white along with a soft blue. Your silver decor will really blend right in.

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kids room bedroom makeup vanities ideas for girls room silver intended for kid’s room silver decor How to Decorate with Silver Decor

Use this as your main accent color. If you have a bold wall color then you probably want to bring in a neutral color to calm things down. Neutral colors can often seem a little bit boring or predictable such as white or taupe. However, you can make things exciting just by bringing in a metallic color. This will add a sense of richness to the room. Plus, you’ll be able to build your room over time. You can always find silver accessories all over the place so you can just wait until you have a few extra dollars for decorating and then go to the store and pick up something new.

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silver decorations gold and silver christmas design pertaining to decorating with silver decor How to Decorate with Silver Decor

Another option for silver decor is to go with a modern or a contemporary style. This will have a much more updated look than traditional gold or brass. You can find lamps, chandeliers, light covers, appliances, vases, bookends, and even pillows. For this kind of design style you want to stick with much as a brushed stainless steel as you can. This can incorporate all the different knobs and drawer pulls that you already have in your space. At the same time it gives you a chance to have a clean look that still has a lot of personality to it.

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christmas table decoration ideas silver billingsblessingbags within decorating with silver decor How to Decorate with Silver Decor

Going with silver decor has a lot of advantages. It allows you to build a collection over time. You could even try investing in a lot of different silver candlesticks. You can bring one back from each of your trips. This is a souvenir that isn’t cheesy. It actually has a use. You could group these together to tell a story. Silver decor can also be part of it theme. You could find different silver accessories that look like seashells. This is a not more elegant looking than just going with a basic wallpaper border. This gives you the opportunity to take a theme and make it go your own so will fit in with the architecture of your space as well as your design style.

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