Interesting Sports Themed Bedrooms for Kids

Sports themed bedrooms are really good choice if your kids are sport fan. It’s their chance to showcase their favorite sport and sport heroes. You may focus at one sport or several sports at once, but of course focus at one sport as primary theme is easier at implementation. Favorite sport heroes, club flag, club t-shirt, merchandise and memorabilia stuffs are few things you can take as elements to complete this sport themed bedroom decoration.

awesome sports themed kids bedrooms monsters sports directory throughout sports themed bedrooms Interesting Sports Themed Bedrooms for Kids

Learn step by step to realize these sports themed bedrooms. First step is asking your kids, what are their favorite sport? Be specific to propose question. For example, if they like football, ask them, what football club do they like? MU, Barcelona, Real Madrid? If basketball, what are their favorite club? Chicago Bull, LA Lakers? Do the same for other sport types. After getting the right information, then the next step is transforming into real decoration using some elements related to specific sport theme.

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Adorn wall with specific sport

Start decoration from wall. Using paint, stencil, wallpaper, posters, photos, flag, costume and memorabilia items to reflect kids’ favorite sport. Two options to paint wall: neutral and colorful. Neutral help creating spacious feeling and focusing every elements on the wall. Here neutral wall like white, cream and beige have function like background to display other items. If you decide to paint with colorful paint, take certain characteristic from particular sport as inspiration. For example, Chicago Bull and MU are dominated with red, but we will not paint wall with dark red. As alternative, pick shades of red, lighter is better than dark. Another alternative is using wallpaper. Many wallpapers with sport theme design are available.

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5 stylish boys bedrooms kids s bedrooms and room throughout sports themed bedrooms Interesting Sports Themed Bedrooms for Kids

Bedding set

Make balance between wall and bedding set, because you don’t want your kids bedroom look busy with ornament. If you choice white or neutral colors to paint wall, so decorative bedding set in particular sport theme is good. Maybe this bedding set is given logo and ball pictures. But if you decorate wall in colorful way, simple bedding set is better to avoid from busy pattern. Just take one plain certain color that match with chosen sport.

Sport theme carpet

Similar with bedding set, use carpet to make balance decoration. Every sport has certain color, for example football and tennis are reflected with green while hockey is white. Besides add accessory, carpet also make floor felt softer. Use small carpet if for some reasons you don’t want carpet covering your floor. It could happen, because some floors look good without carpet.

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Poster and photo

These items are a must in sports themed bedrooms decoration. Every kid want to see their favorite sport heroes on the wall. Install several photos of favorite team and sport heroes in various scenes. Portrait of athlete hold championship trophy give certain proud for kids. If you want to make your kids happy, take their portrait when the are wearing costume of their favorite club sport then hang on the wall.

And don’t forget to add few accessories like sport cap, ball from fabric and foam and sport equipment.

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