Tiny House, See The Contents

The company nicknamed Handcrafted Movement based in Washington designed a micro-sized dwellings. It’s size may be very tiny house, but check out the contents.

tiny house design interior

This tiny house measures only 22 square meters. Yet designed so that anyone who saw will not be aware of the extent of only 22 square meters.

tiny house interior

This tiny house also brings the concept of energy saving with this stunning interior design.

tiny house energy efficiency

A beautiful glass-paneled door leads into the living room. In it looks very wooden floors contrast with the white walls.

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tiny house  white walls

That is not less interesting, this tiny house is built on a trailer that can be moved in place. The roof is made of metal.

tiny house metal

Strategically placed furnishings so that they cannot give the impression of disarray in the tiny house are narrow.

tiny house  white walls

In it there is a sofa bed, electric fireplace, antique tables and chairs in a small corner under the window.

The small kitchen has lots of shelves and cabinets, including a dining table made of wood.

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