Learn to Find the Right Trailer Home Plans

Without a doubt trailer home become popular because they offer many advantages, from price, living in simplicity and less maintenance. We will not meet difficulty to get store or company that offer trailer home, from just trailer home plans and ready use trailer home from standard design until customized design. But with so many companies offering this home type, we must select to get better choice. Start from floor plan first.

The best reference when searching trailer home plans ideas are companies own by Jay Shafer and Stephen Marshall. Jay Shafer call his portable house as tiny house and Stephen Marshall call his house is trailer house. Don’t be confuse with term of trailer house or trailer home. Trailer term can be defined into two meaning: house with trailer design and house with ability to move from one place to another place. Stephen Marshall’s house refer to first definition and Jay Shafer’s house refer to second definition. Houses from Stephen Marshall are bigger than tiny house, but still smaller than small house.

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Both trailer home plans from those companies have perfect rectangle shape. This simple shape is inspired from movable house from the past which are completed with wheels. So, even though houses from Stephen Marshall are not portable house, but they have rectangle shape.

Tiny house from Jay Shafer utilize loft above main area for bedroom, while trailer house from Stephen Marshall have its own bedroom, because it’s bigger than tiny house. No matter how large of your trailer house, it must fulfilled several conditions:

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Separation of public and private area

Public area is living room and private area is bedroom and bathroom. These two areas must be separated clearly to keep privacy of home owner. But it doesn’t matter to put kitchen and living room in one room without border to save space, make bigger bedroom and create open space floor plan.

Each room size is proportion

For example, bedroom must be bigger than bathroom. Besides from aesthetic view, it will not look good if bedroom smaller than bathroom, it also reduce comfort for home owner sleeping at narrow bedroom. The size of kitchen is relative, but still smaller than bedroom. Depending on available space on tiny house, usually kitchen size is almost equal with bathroom to make it look tidy and concise.

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Efficient layout

Both on tiny house and trailer house, all rooms (living room/main room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen) must be arranged in efficient way for home owner to move and doing activity. All available spaces must be utilized well.

Here I include 3 trailer home plans as illustrations.

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