100+ Most Unusual Ceiling Fans 2018

Ceiling fan is one of the old and good inventions from America, which appeared long before the ubiquitous distribution of air conditioners. And even with the arrival of the last Americans did not abandon the usual blades over their heads. And if there is such a household appliance, surely there will be unusual versions of it? Today we will tell you about a dozen of the unusual ceiling fans.

unique tropical ceiling fans home design and decor intended for with unusual ceiling fans 100 Most Unusual Ceiling Fans

The most obvious and expected variant of the unusual ceiling fans: landed on a ceiling like a fly helicopter. There is also a landing ground marked with the letter “H”, and blades, and all helicopter entirely. The model is executed with maximum accuracy, experts will be able to learn in it Hughes/MD 500, and created this miracle Rafael Iannello. Let’s hope, that in case of riot of cars fans will not arrange a raid on people under Sounds “Flight Valkyries”.

On the flea market called eBay sells a lot of strange things. Including a strange fan, whose blades were hand-painted, and depicted on them heroes of the cult game Super Mario-the plumber himself Mario, his brother Luigi, Princess, King of Koopa and other monsters. Of course, the game is cult, but to ask for this $25.000-it’s overkill.

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bedroom unusual ceiling ideas unusual cheap ceiling fans inside unusual ceiling fans 100 Most Unusual Ceiling Fans

A fan in the Batman cave should look like this. Huge blades resemble the blades of knives, or the wings of a bat. Looks stylish and frightening at the same time. The blades themselves are sold separately, sets under different models of fans, cost from $40 per set.

A tricky move is to install the small unusual ceiling fans rotating around the central axis instead of the blades. Yes even make them in the trendy style of “steampunk”. Yes still be able to direct airflow’s at will.

elegant unusual ceiling fans uk for cool ceiling f 1994x1288 with regard to unusual ceiling fans 100 Most Unusual Ceiling Fans

Diploma work of the student, Benjamin McMahon. Instead of blades he used a bent tape, and for it has received the absolutely deserved award in the field of design. The guy got a patent for his invention and can be proud of it, because it turned out that on such a fan people can not only spellbound watch, but also enjoy the coolness, because it was more effective than the usual vane.

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How does the brain of a designer differ from the brain of an ordinary person? The fact that a designer can take seemingly poorly compiled objects and make of them something beautiful and useful at the same time. Well, or just beautiful. For example, the designer Philip Maloin made a lamp called Dervish. He told how the idea came to him.

52 inch ceiling fan with 5 wooden blades and light kit le regarding unusual ceiling fans 100 Most Unusual Ceiling Fans

I took a car from a friend for a day, and decided to wash it in a car wash as a token of gratitude. I drove into the washing chamber and saw the brushes change their shape starting to rotate. Can a similar transformation be used in a house as a design element?

And then Philip creates an amazing lamp, which is equipped with flexible blades, and when turned on they start to rotate and “unfold” like a dress of a dancing dervish. Looks fascinating and very unusual!

unique ceiling fans with lights modern unique ceiling fans with throughout unusual ceiling fans 100 Most Unusual Ceiling Fans

Designer Alexander Ignon went the furthest in his creative research and returned to the very roots in the end. He decided to remember how the servant used to fan his master with a fan, creating a coolness. And he created a special wing, which is attached to the ceiling and allows to create a small airflow. It turned out not only unusually, but also very economical – the device consumes only 15 watts, and refreshes the whole room.

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For large rooms, there is an excellent solution – use the blades from the windmill! Such windmills are very common in the rural part of the US, helping to generate electricity, pump water. In this case, the blades produce the reverse process: they convert electricity into the wind.

Orbital fan Brisa 2000. The idea is simple: two “satellites” are spinning around the central sphere — a small fan and counterweight. Looks very interesting, albeit not very functional.

A unusual ceiling fans design with a diameter of 30 inches with a grate behind which a fan is hidden and six built-in lamps with 25-watt bulbs resemble a UFO rather than an interior item. Although it looks stylish.

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