Warm Paint Colors for Living Room Use

Warm paint colors for the living room are almost always going to be very welcoming. Right now a lot of leather and micro suede furniture is very popular. This is a pretty durable design style both because of the neutral colors as well as the durable fabric. However, you might want to venture out with your wall color so that your living room doesn’t look like everyone else’s who has a similar sofa set.

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Warm Colors for Living Rooms

The warm colors for living rooms that you’re going to come across are usually going to be red, orange, and yellow. It’s important to draw inspiration from the architecture of your room. This means looking closely at anything that is going to stay in your space such as your carpet. It might have subtle yellow tones to it. Look at any kind of granite or slate in your space to see if there’s some orange flecks or veins in it. Otherwise, if you don’t drastically change the architecture in your room this is just going to be very jarring.

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You can also find some colors that aren’t going to be as bold but are still going to give you a welcoming effect. Certain shades of brown have a lot of red or orange undertones and it also works well with mahogany furniture.

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There are a few different decorating themes that are going to use these brighter colors and the country theme is really going to work with these tones a lot. It uses a lot of worn leather furniture which has some burgundy to it. You also see a lot of rust accessories. You could create this look with decoupage ideas on your artwork. You could layer a lot of different red and brown paint on end tables. You could even invest in a rust kit at craft stores if you have a lot of metal in your room. Another option would be to just use this on chandeliers with faux painting techniques. This will work with almost any wall color so it’s going to be one of the more subtle ways that you can bring in these really bright tones without it being so in your face.

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Paint for living room use

It can be a little bit intimidating when you go with these brighter tones. Remember that it is almost always going to look brighter when it’s actually up on the wall, especially if you are using it on every single wall. You might just want to get a feel for this by changing out your end tables. Remember that you need balance. Not every single color in your room needs to be warm. For instance for a modern look you could have bright yellow walls. Bring in pattern to make sure that you have an accent color. Whether it’s a striped wall treatment or contemporary wallpaper then go with neutral white couches. You could also bring in plain white painted floors in a wood or a cement variety.

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Another decorating style that uses these warm tones quite a lot is going to be the Southwest kind of design style. This is a great direction to go in if you have painted furniture. This has warm undertones to it. However, it’s also a wonderful option if you have terra-cotta tile floors. If you lack a lot of these architectural details in your room then make up for them with your furniture choices. You can do DIY projects with orange tile end tables. This is perfect for a neutral room or even an apartment kind of space because you can use much brighter materials on your furniture. Just make sure that it has wrought iron pieces to relate to your other more neutral furniture pieces and decor.

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You can make this work with plain white walls, although you can also venture out to terra-cotta or even cobalt blue tones. These are best to use in small niches or the back of the bookcases just because they are so bold. One option would be to paint patterns from beautiful Spanish tiles right on your wall. This can be one of the few ways to do a stencil border that isn’t going to look cheesy. However, you could also just blow this up then do it on your focal wall or above your fireplace.

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