What Kind of Sand to Use for Fire Pit & Building the Perfect Sand Fire Pit

What kind of sand should you use for a fire pit? You may be wondering this as you’re trying to build the perfect sand fire pit for your home.

Sure, there is nothing more amazing than sitting around a sand fire pit during a cold winter afternoon. It can be a great spot for the entire family to chill at, or for friends to hang out and catch up.

But why choose a sand fire pit over regular ones? Not only are they clean-looking and gives off a luxurious vibe, but it is also actually not that difficult to make yourself. Let’s explore the ins and outs of how to create your own sand fire pit!

What kind of sand do you use in a fire pit?

The most popular and recommended kind of sand for a fire pit is fire-proof silica sand. It is great to use for the bottom layer of your pit and is quite affordable. We would also recommend placing some fire glass or lava rock as the upper layers for your fire pit base.

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Can you use dirt instead of sand for fire pit?

Yes, it’s certainly possible to use dirt instead of sand in your fire pit. Not only is dirt easy to find and use, but they are also heat-resistant. Of course, they may not be as fine as sand because dirt can easily mix with ash to form a sticky residue. If your fire pit is exposed to rain or water, the mess can be quite annoying to deal with.

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How to Build the Perfect Sand Fire Pit

Now that we understand more about what kind of sand to use for a fire pit and if you can use dirt, it’s time to look at the step-by-step of creating the ultimate sand fire pit!

Find the right spot

The very first step before you start building your fire pit is to plan and think about where you want to place it. It has to be a large space, of at least sixteen feet, that is far from flammable materials and furniture. Don’t make a fire pit near bushes and overhanging branches, or even wooden furnishing.

For most people, this would be the backyard. Also think about accessibility to water, as you might want to have a hose on standby near the fire. This will provide a good way to put out a fire in case it ever gets out of control.

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Prepare your supplies

If you’re trying to build your own sand fire pit, it’s important to be prepared and have all the necessary tools for the project. You’ll probably need a wheelbarrow to move gravel, stone, sand, and other materials around your house. On that note, make sure that you have all these different elements ready for the build.

Meanwhile, the exact amount of how much stones or sand you need depends on the size of your fire pit. You may also need to prepare tools like a shovel, wooden stake, hose with running water, rakes, and nylon string. These are common objects you can find in any hardware shop.

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Pour gravel

The next step is to mark the size of the fire ring by using a stake and nylon string. You should mark the outer ring too, then start pouring gravel into the circle. There should be a minimum of 2 inches of gravel inside the fire ring, as this will create the base. You can use a rake to level out the gravel.

Pouring gravel and evening it out can be quite time-consuming. It’s also not an easy job, so make sure to prepare some time for this part of the process or enlist some help!

Place fire ring

To build the fire ring, dig a trench around your fire pit and make sure that it’s thick enough for a stone fire ring. Mix up your cement mortar and sand according to the package instructions, then pour them into the opening.

Next, arrange the large stones around this and make sure to fill out any gaps to create a sturdy and compact wall.

Add your sand

It is now time to put your sand into action! Whichever kind of sand that you end up choosing, you can pour it into the fire ring. The inner circle of the fire ring should have at least 4 inches of sand. However, be careful not to move the stones around as they will be drying at the moment to set into the cement.

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Finish the fire ring

To complete the fire ring, you need to dig more trench on the outside of the sandpit. Once you have created the trench, you should pack them tight with the small stones. This will create a barrier that is even more durable and strong. Don’t forget to set this structure with the cement mortar.

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Pour more sand

Last but definitely not least, it is time to pour more sand to fill the outer portion of the fire pit. This also has to be around 4 inches in depth, and you can always use a metal rake to help even out the sand. Don’t hesitate to get hands-on and make sure that every nook and cranny is filled with sand.

When putting together your fire pit, you may also want to consider what kind of pebbles to choose for a cleaner and more modern result. There are tons of decorative pebbles that can jazz up your backyard and make it look elegant and fun at the same time.

At the end of the day, the kind of sand for a fire pit is an important choice to make before starting your project. But remember that there is no one right or wrong answer. It’s about choosing the best option that suits your specific need so that you can build your dream fire pit at home!

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